SEHRAYAZ.COM is an online luxury fashion destination. Established in 2019, Sehr Ayaz is an Islamabad-based Fashion Design House. We design, manufacture, distribute and retail fashion products including haute couture and prèt-à-porter. Influential, innovative and progressive, Sehr Ayaz is rekindling a wholly modern approach to fashion. Diverse, contemporary — our products highlight the apogee of Pakistani craftsmanship and are a class of its own for their quality and attention to detail.


At Sehr Ayaz, we believe that quality should never be a compromise. We produce in limited quantities combining value with international standards of quality stitching and intricate detailing.


Our design team ensures the uniqueness of each piece; coordinating and engaging with professional and dedicated craftsmen, hailing from generations of artisans trained in intricate handwork techniques. All garments are strictly designed and made following ethical and sustainable standards.

We cater to women who want to stand out from the crowd; that's why we are committed to being your source for the newest trends. We design clothing which not only looks good, but feels great to wear and will leave a lasting impression in the memories of everyone touched by you.

Islamabad, Pakistan

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